All New Website

Welcome to our new website. Hi There! As we promised in the starting of this year, we are ready with the all new websit

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Students get admission in SGGS Vidya Kender

Students got admission in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Vidya Kender, Mehrauli, New Delhi. We are pleased to announce that th

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Deg Tegh Fateh!!!

We have got a name for our own magazine. As Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Deg Tegh Fateh (Punjabi: ਦੇਗ ਤੇ

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Khalis International is an NGO purely determined to provide help and support to lower end of the society. We are a team of dedicated volunteers who are committed to provide helping hands to those who are in immediate need. We are enabling financially unstable families by providing Education and Skill-Training to earn their bread on their own.

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